Sex Crimes

Indecent Exposure

It is illegal for a person to expose their genitals in public. Here’s a basic description of the indecent exposure laws, with links to related topics and state penal code section.


Description of the crime of offering or engaging in sexual acts for payment and links to the relevant penal code section.


Highlights situations that may constitute the crime of rape, including “date rape” and “statutory rape”, and contains links to state penal codes and federal laws against sexual abuse.

Sexual Assault

Describes the catch-all crime that encompasses unwanted sexual touching of many kinds, with links to state penal code and federal law on

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related crimes.


It’s illegal to entice someone else to commit a crime (such as prostitution). This article explains the elements to prove solicitation, as well as defenses and penalties.

Statutory Rape

People cannot legally consent to having sex, even if there was no force or the perpetrator believed the victim was old enough.

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