Joon Yong Yun


Joon Yong Yun, Esq. graduated from Seo-Kang University with the major in Law. In 2003, Attorney Yun passed the bar exam and graduated the Judicial Research and Training Institute with honors. Attorney Yun has been serving as an attorney since 2005.

Joon Yong Yun, Esq. handled hundreds of various cases in a big law firm specializing in civil, criminal, and administrative litigation and had a high winning rate.

Joon Yong Yun, Esq. worked as the head of the department in a big life insurance company establishing all sorts of legal issues regarding insurance.

Joon Yong Yun, Esq. is now a partner in Jo&Kim Law Firm located in Seoul, Korea. Based on his various legal work experiences, Attorney Yun handles civil, criminal, and administrative litigations regarding immigration, insurance, and credit collection.

Joon Yong Yun, Esq. was registered as a lawyer specializing in insurance, immigration, and credit collection cases at Seoul Bar Association and acknowledged his professionalism.

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