Battery & Assault

– Battery

AGGRAVATED BATTERY is a criminal battery that causes or is intended to cause serious bodily injury esp. through the use of a dangerous weapon or a criminal battery committed on a protected person (as a minor or a police officer).

SEXUAL BATTERY is an intentional and offensive sexual contact and esp. sexual intercourse with a person who has not given or (as in the case of a child) is incapable of giving consent or a forced or coerced contact with the sexual parts of either the victim or the perpetrator.

– Assault

CIVIL ASSAULT is an assault considered as a tort rather than as a crime.

CRIMINAL ASSAULT is an assault considered as a crime rather than as a tort.

FELONIOUS ASSAULT is a criminal assault that is classified as a felony and involves the infliction of serious bodily injury by the

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use of a dangerous weapon

SEXUAL ASSAULT is sexual contact usually that is forced upon a person without consent or inflicted upon a person who is incapable of giving consent

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(as because of age or physical or mental incapacity) or who places the assailant (as a doctor) in a position of trust see also rape Note: Sexual assault in its most serious forms (often classified as first degree sexual assault) involves non-consensual sexual penetration. In its less serious forms it may be the equivalent of statutory rape.

SIMPLE ASSAULT is a criminal assault that is not accompanied by any aggravating factors (as infliction of serious injury or use of a dangerous weapon).

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